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Adapt to Selling Virtually


The Challenge:

With limited opportunities to meet face-to-face, brands are looking for better ways to digitize the connection between their sales team and their customers. Sales teams are often ill-equipped for virtual presentations that have become essential in maintaining the quality of the customer relationship. B2B platforms, while great for delivering on product information, lack the personal touch of a knowledgeable sales professional guiding them through the ranges on offer.

Poor presentations may deter a buyer from selecting products that could have performed well for them or lead to purchasing decisions that do not fully resonate with their target customers. Unconvinced buyers may well reduce their order value, limit their repeat purchases or be swayed towards your competitors whose sales teams are equipped to sell virtually in a more engaging way.


The Solution:

Keeping that vital human touch while selling digitally will only grow in importance. Successful brands equip their teams with the right digital tools to present channel appropriate product selections, backed by brand and marketing stories that will resonate with their buyers.

Whether it’s via direct online access, or by a virtual presentation delivered over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, being able to talk your buyer through an assortment of carefully selected products that’s aligned to their preferences can be just as effective as meeting in person.

aWorkbook, our digital catalogue app, and aView, our online product viewer, are sell-in tools designed to support virtual sales presentations. Sales teams can tell the story of the brand, demonstrating what makes them different. Products can be segmented, giving confidence that you are selling the right products to the right customer.  Groundwork can be done in advance, so presentations are professional and well-paced and product knowledge can be shared. Stronger sales conversations lead to better sales.

Our Software and Services


Designed for selling, whether virtually or #IRL. Plan, present and take orders.


A window on your product information, giving tailored views for you to share

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