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Creating or launching a new product range is just one part of the puzzle. Expanding The Market and continuing to see a ROI can be a challenge for most brands, as well as finding a way to bring all that product information together so it can be reviewed, enriched and shared internally, before sending it out into the market.

Fast To Market Challenges

Unifying your product information

Multiple sources can lead to inconsistency in your data. Effort is duplicated and time is wasted. The outcome? Poor product information leaking into your sales channels and losing revenue.


Collaborate on product content creation

Each team has a role to play in assembling product information, but all too often, silos of product data builds up. With information fragmented across the business, co-ordination becomes a bottleneck and digital workflows can flounder.


Giving your teams hands-on support

The teams that create great product information may not have the knowledge to structure data effectively. Badly organised data is harder to reuse, likely to be error prone and can cause fundamental problems in your go-to-market process.


Supporting Channel Right Strategies

The challenge is for your sales team to effectively communicate ‘channel right’ selections for each buyer’s market. If not, buyer expectations will not be met, decreasing the value in the brand/buyer relationship.


Expand Your Market

Adapt to selling virtually

B2B platforms, while great for delivering on product information, lack the personal touch of a knowledgeable sales professional. Without guidance, buyers may find that their purchasing decisions do not fully resonate with their target customers.


Connecting buyers to your brand story

Differentiating your offer from the competition has never been more important. Buyers who struggle to see the big picture or understand a brand’s values won’t fully engage with your brand.


Unlocking the power of your 3D

Designers, forced to respond fast to ever changing market demands, are turning to 3D design and prototyping. The use of 3D can be a game changer, but if you are unable to make use of it throughout your entire go-to-market process then it negates the huge potential benefits.


Communicate effectively with your supply chain

Effective communication between brands and their supply chain partners can be a very difficult process and a variety of factors, such as language barriers, time zone differences and sample costs can contribute to frustrations when maintaining these relationships.

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