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Browser-Based Product Information Platform


aView gives you a window on your product information held in aHub and allows buyers and internal team members the opportunity to see specially selected product ranges quickly and easily. Whether for internal range reviews, key account meetings or customer presentations, in aView you can create tailored views that can be sent online, giving the end user the chance to browse the selection and compare products ahead of a meeting.


Targeted Views

Showing the wrong or an unfiltered range to the buyer is a sure way to lose engagement. aView generates targeted views of your products that you can share, and which resonate with your buyers.

Automatic View Updates

Products are included in each view using rules, making multiple updates easy. You can decide on the product categorisation for each view, and swap groups of properties to swiftly produce language or regional versions.

Fast Search and Filtering

Finding the right products and doing so quickly is essential to avoid buyer frustration. aView searches every data item of every product, in milliseconds. Easily generate custom filters for each view to get your buyers to your collections fast.

Highly Visual

A picture with simple text will not wow the sophisticated buyer. aView allows unrestricted numbers of images, video, and full 3D models for each product. Clever automated optimisation features, backed by our global content delivery network, gives your buyers product visuals on demand at scale.

Highlight Key Information

With aView, you can choose exactly what information to display for each type of product. Show fabrics for shirts, capacity for containers, heights for ladders, all without having to compromise. If the buyer is interested in something else, they can customise their display.

Compare and Contrast

Products are not usually viewed in isolation. Quick product switching allows you to compare full product details fast. Opt for a full dual view to see whole ranges or individual products side by side.

Brands Choose Hark, Because We…

  • Understand your product data however and wherever it is held

  • Have an amazing eye for detail to condition your data

  • Build your aWorkbook catalogues so that you get the best results

  • Support you right from the initial set up season after season

Let’s Talk…

We can answer any questions you may have, provide more info or give you an online demonstration.

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