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B2B Digital Catalogue Software


Now that virtual sales presentations are becoming increasingly commonplace, it is vital to showcase your product information in a viewable format that is easily accessible and in a way that supports your sales conversations during video conferences. aWorkbook is designed with your buyers’ journey in mind, giving you the tools to guide them through product ranges and encompassing all brand materials available, including videos, images and 3D renderings.

A Tailored Approach

When adopting a ‘channel right’ product strategy, communicating the right product to the right buyer is crucial. aWorkbook’s assortment planning features gives full flexibility to tailor product information to match your channel strategies.

Tell the Full Story

Developing the relationship a buyer has with your brand is now more important than ever. A buyer wants to be able to connect with your values and marketing stories and ensure that they align with those of their own. aWorkbook provides key storytelling tools, enabling you to share your brand story with the buyer as they progress on their journey with you.

Always Correct

Long gone are the days of carrying around an out-of-date catalogue to present to buyers, never knowing if stock is available or if there have been any product information changes. aWorkbook is an easy-to-update catalogue that can be integrated with your existing stock system, giving you real-time information when you need it most. aWorkbook allows you to create tailored PDF catalogues, giving you the option to leave a physical version with a customer or share it online – the possibilities are endless.

Effective Ordering

Traditionally there has been a disconnect between the sales presentation and the ordering process. This is inefficient and has caused frustration for both the Sales Team and the buyer. Using aWorkbook provides the ultimate solution and gives you the capability to build an order during the sales presentation and then send it online to your already integrated backend system, making the transaction more fluid and more reliable.


Brands Choose Hark, Because We…

  • Understand your product data however and wherever it is held

  • Have an amazing eye for detail to condition your data

  • Build your aWorkbook catalogues so that you get the best results

  • Support you right from the initial set up season after season

Let’s Talk…

We can answer any questions you may have, provide more info or give you an online demonstration.

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