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About Browzwear

Founded in 1999, Browzwear is the leading provider of 3D apparel design, development, and merchandising solutions, driving forward the apparel industry’s much-needed digital transformation. With its industry-leading 3D design software, VStitcher, and advanced Open Platform, Browzwear enables its users to leverage the power of true-to-life 3D technology to build end-to-end digital workflows, from design and development through to marketing and production.

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Leading the 3D Revolution

The fashion industry has begun its long-awaited digital revolution and Browzwear is proud to be leading it. Thanks to a new generation of innovative design technology and visualization tools, global apparel brands are shifting from traditionally wasteful practices to fully digital workflows as a way to speed up time to market, drive sustainability, and boost business efficiency. Browzwear provides digital fashion solutions to over 500 fashion brands and manufacturers worldwide.

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