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Friendly, Experienced, Versatile, Dedicated

Our people are as important as our products – we firmly believe that the best results come from working with you to get your product information into shape and ready to share. That’s where our expertise lies. Each member of the Hark team is recognized for the unique combination they make to our success. Together, they are a formidable group of hugely talented and experienced people who thrive on building powerful software and strong customer relationships.

Honesty is important to us. We are transparent in all interactions with our customers and each other. If we make a mistake, we own it. If something’s not quite right, we fix it and future-proof the process. We actively seek better solutions.

We are always looking for more creative ways to work and love it when our customers contribute to the discussion. Sharing knowledge and skills, whether internally or with you, helps us all meet our goals. We’re pragmatic. We know that even the best laid plans can be interrupted when samples arrive late or a line list gets out of sync.

We adapt to your changing circumstances and always go that extra mile if a deadline is being squeezed. We want you to ‘get’ us. If we’re not sure our solution is a good fit for your business, we’ll walk away. We value the work we do, and, in turn, our customers value us.

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Himanshu, Product owner

It’s important to make sure everyone knows the end goal and has a clear understanding of the criteria for success. Typically, these initial discussions focus on the workflow and what you are looking to achieve. Not everyone is interested in the technical detail and it is important that the upfront discussions are about who does what, where and when – the how can come later.

With the objective clear, we give you an idea of likely timescale and cost. When you are ready to proceed, your dedicated Project Lead will introduce you to our Developers, who will look at the detail, understand the systems involved, find out where the data is held and look at some examples. Then we will give you a fixed development cost, so there are no nasty surprises.

With everything agreed, we will work with your IT team, while your Project Lead keeps all stakeholders updated on progress, free of technical jargon.

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What Makes Us Different?

Introducing new tools to manage product information and support the sales process can put strain on already-pressured go to market teams. Our unique combination of experienced people and exceptional products means you can remain focussed on the big picture, safe in the knowledge we’ve got it covered.

Each brand has their own unique data challenges but share many common issues. We have both the software and the experience to help – there’s no challenge we haven’t met before! Our Data Services team take the pain out of collating and processing all your product data. We meticulously review and assess your product information and if something doesn’t look right, we let you know.

Our team of Data Experts

Our Studio Services team is renowned for their amazing eye for detail, with data being cleansed at every stage. Accurate product information, easily managed and readily available is at the heart of everything we do. We believe flexibility is the key to successfully adopting new solutions within your business.

You decide how you would like to work with us. You may want us to handle everything for you or would simply like to know we are there whenever you need a little support. Whichever option you choose, we get to know your brand and find out what’s important for you, carefully matching your objectives to our solutions. We’re committed to your success.

Martyna - email signature.jpg

Martyna, Client Manager


Tony, Data Services Specialist - Integration


Tom, Data Services Specialist - Testing

Dev Team Image teal.png

Our Developers stand out from the crowd

Any well-built software service will offer you access to an API (Application Interface). These are essential to being able to link different systems to enable automation, move data between systems and is key for efficient operations. But for many suppliers the API and a copy of the documentation is where the support ends. Your time-poor IT team must work out how to connect external to internal APIs and manage additional server resources for the integration code.

At Hark, our development team is ready to help. We will assist with debugging connections, push data from our APIs to yours, transform the data into something more suitable and even host the bespoke code for you. Whether you are feeding the aHub from an SFTP site, connecting to web service or simply pushing an Excel order by email to your Customer Services, we can help.

Our in-house development team create powerful software, built from the ground up. With access to the latest technologies, our experienced team are highly skilled in data manipulation and love to make connections!

Our team are solely responsible for the delivery of all our solutions, whether cloud based, a desktop application or mobile app. This makes them ideally placed to seamlessly establish integration between your system and ours. Learn more about some of the integration options here.

Suryashankar Das.jpg

Suryashankar, Developer


Mark, Developer


Ash, Developer

What Does Success Look Like?

We know your time is at a premium as ranges come together. You are already juggling several projects all with the same deadline and are looking for partners who understand exactly what you need without constant dialogue.

We agree a project timeline with you that reflects what you expect to happen, tempered with the knowledge that sample shoots can be delayed and extracting product content from your colleagues can sometimes be a bit challenging. The first time we work together, we will set up aHub, populate it with your product information and create the sales tools that work best for you. After that, you can decide to manage the project yourselves, or leave it in our safe hands. We will drive your project, ensuring milestones are met and sharing progress with you along the way, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Training and Support

We build friendly, intuitive software that makes sense to the user. We deliver personalised training online, tailored to your requirements, whether it’s introducing aWorkbook to a wide audience at an international sales meeting, or a 1:1 session with a product manager updating key product information in aHub.

We offer a free online knowledge base, video tutorials and experienced trainers who love sharing tips and tricks for achieving the very best outcome, whether that’s structuring a product library or planning an assortment for a customer.

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