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Unifying Your Product Information


The Challenge:

Each team in a B2B organisation has a different focus, but all have a role to play in building up the product experience. All too often, silos of product data build up leading to:

  • Information fragmented across the business

  • Data sources are inconsistent and hard to share

  • Images and data are often not linked digitally

  • Duplicated effort and wasted time in hunting down information

  • Data quickly becomes out of sync

With no one team being responsible for its upkeep, cross-team knowledge can be sparse about where the data is held and who is producing it. The result? Line lists, price sheets and catalogue content can vary significantly in the information about the same product. Poor, incorrect or simply missing information leads to internal frustration, lost orders, and ultimately decreased revenue.


The Solution:

The success of any solution that supports the go-to-market process depends entirely on the quality of the product information it contains. This starts with bringing everything together in one easy-to-use online platform that flexes to meet your product content and the way you want to use it, rather than constraining you with rigid structures. It is not enough to simply hold product data, a solution must also contain all of the imagery, 3D and video that delivers rich digital product experiences.

Making trusted product content easily accessible wherever it is needed is at the heart of all we do. aHub, our product experience management platform, is tailored to hold all the content you need. And our Project Team are here to support you with hands-on implementation and data conditioning. Get the foundations right first to deliver consistent, accurate information wherever needed. No duplication, no missing data, no wasted effort, and no delays. Just clean, well-presented product content that minimises internal friction, speeds up the sharing of information and delivers success to the sales effort.

Our Software and Services


Adaptable, scalable and instantly available to hold all your product information.

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Experienced, knowledgeable and with an amazing eye for detail – experts in managing your product information.

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