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With powerful features to give feedback, share comments and build selections, aViewPro builds on the aView functionality to offer a collaborative, online review tool.

Delivering sophisticated real time feedback and tracked reactions on customised product views. aViewPro is an essential tool for design reviews, (including 3D images),  product line creation, range planning and much more.

Perfect also for buyer meetings, when collaborating on a proposed selection. Build assortments and share them instantly online with others, then watch their reactions live and adapt the selection as you go.

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Reviewing a Developing Range

From early designs through to range finalisation, aViewPro is a collaborative online tool that offers powerful and sophisticated features to easily canvass opinion on a developing range.

With aViewPro, you can review products (both images and information), give feedback, share comments and build selections.

Start a discussion with key stakeholders, both internally and beyond, and build up a narrative on the evolving products to speed up decision-making and agree actions.

Individual Selections

Use powerful search and filter features to quickly add products to create and save your own personal product selection as part of the discussion

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Instant Sharing

Share selections for internal review or make a proposition to customer.  With just an email address, share your selection online to get feedback. With everyone’s choices maintained separately, they can engage freely without impacting on your original selection.  You can be confident that our user-specific aViews ensure the right products are only ever shown to the right people.

Live Reactions

Watch live as each user reacts, with visual counts across your products in real time, giving you an instant way to gauge reactions and respond dynamically. Fast filters show consensus on likes/dislikes, as well as individual preferences, quickly highlighting where there is agreement or areas requiring more discussion.

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Targeted Feedback - Womens Coat with feedback.png

Targeted Feedback

aViewPro’s comprehensive feedback system enables users to comment at any level, whether it is on the whole range, a particular product, an individual piece of information or even highlight a detail on a 3D model. The option to reply to comments provides for a focused discussion on each and every part of your product content.

Tracked Responses

Each comment, reaction and piece of feedback is recorded against the user who made it. See an overview of all the feedback in one place to make the most of the insights provided.

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Book A Discovery Call

If you would like to learn more about aViewPro, or find out how our full Fast To Market offer is designed to meet the challenges you may have when bringing your products to market, then let’s talk. Please book a discovery call below.

Please pick your preferred day and how long you would like our conversation to be. Next, change your timezone if you are not based in the UK, and then select the time that works best for you. Then fill in your details and you are all booked in. If you have any issues or questions, please email me on

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