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Become a Channel Right Expert

Equip Your Sales Team with Powerful Tools for their Sell-in

With many brands adopting a ‘channel right’ approach to product sales, effective communication is important at every level, from segmenting the product offer for each market or sales channel providing clear guidance to your sales team, through to presenting the right product to the right buyer.

Our powerful tools are designed to support strategic sales initiatives, giving channel right context to product information in aHub’s product experience management system, collaborative range planning with aViewPro’s intuitive tools through to delivering sales presentations with aWorkbook’s digital catalogue app. At each stage, we equip your teams with the right tools to enable them to effectively demonstrate your brand’s expertise.

And, by tailoring your Sales Team’s sell-in process to meet the needs of the customer, you will differentiate your brand, exceed buyer expectations and most importantly, win more business.

Showing the wrong or unfiltered range to the buyer is a sure way to lose engagement. Using aViewPro you can create tailored views that can be sent online, giving the end user the chance to browse the selection and compare products ahead of a meeting.

By using aWorkbook you can provide tailored digital content specific to each market, allowing sales teams to utilise the template assortment planning feature giving them flexibility to tailor channel specific product selections for individual customers, access to channel specific marketing and even access to channel specific pricelists, all at the click of a button.

Our quick and easy tools let you:

  • Create tailored views that can be shared online

  • Give your customer the chance to browse your selection ahead of your meeting

  • Get the right product information in front of the correct audience

  • Show marketing stories and media alongside product selections


aHub is a product experience management system, designed to hold all your product information, marketing collateral (including images, videos and 3D models), crucial in supporting your Channel Right strategies.


Showing the wrong or an unfiltered range to the buyer is a sure way to lose engagement.

With aViewPro you can define the products based on channel through the intuitive feedback system, all instantly shareable online sent online.


When adopting a ‘channel right’ product strategy, communicating the right product to the right buyer is crucial. aWorkbook’s template assortment planning feature gives full flexibility to tailor product selections to match your channel strategies.

Book A Discovery Call

It can be difficult to implement new strategies especially in already highly pressured times of the sales cycle, that’s why our solutions are easy to implement and fast to rollout.

Why not book a 15 minute Teams call to see if we could be a good fit for your business? Let’s talk more!

Please pick your preferred day and how long you would like our conversation to be. Next, change your timezone if you are not based in the UK, and then select the time that works best for you. Then fill in your details and you are all booked in. If you have any issues or questions, please email me on

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