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Online Range Collaboration Tool


aRanger is an app built on the idea that creating presentations should be straightforward, easy to use yet cost-effective, with emphasis placed on presenting accurate information. It has proven to not only make creating presentations more efficient but also enhanced the experience of the buyers through clear product presentation that is customer specific which has led to deeper sales conversations and ultimately an increase in sales.


How aRanger supports go-to-market processes

Traditionally, sales reps would have to access several systems to pull together the images, data, pricing and marketing content needed.  

This can be time-consuming and, on average, sales reps can spend almost a day locating the relevant marketing information which means, at times, they end up pulling out irrelevant information from last season.

aRanger makes the process as seamless as possible by using product content already held in aHub. This gives access to all of the company inventory along with its imagery and product specification, ready to be simply dragged and dropped into the PowerPoint, which is further simplified by the search support feature on the app. This allows Sales Reps and Key Account Managers to speed up the creation of the presentations whilst improving the quality of product data going into them.

Before the sales pitch, due to the integrated feature with aView/aViewPro, buyers can look at the catalogue of products and make their own targeted product selection through cloud-based collaboration, allowing the sales reps to produce personable, high-quality PowerPoint Presentations.

Key Features of aRanger


  • Full search and compare capabilities to find your products quickly.  

  •  Access products using the dynamic filtering option within aRanger.

Cost Effective

  • Time saved to create presentations through aRanger with accurate data and related imagery. 


  • View and access full information for each product. 

  • Access targeted views of selected product information with supporting imagery and assets.

  • Products can be viewed as images, videos, and in 3D rotational views. 

  •  View product information and marketing content side by side.

  • View and access products in different formats, including PDF, MP4, GLB, etc.


  • Create PowerPoint presentations using your entire product content held in aHub. 

  • Link to related products, brands and marketing stories.

  • Drag and drop product information to give a truly tailored presentation

  • Add products to an assortment as you go. 

  • Make notes onscreen for the inclusion of Excel.


  • Enrich your presentation by inserting accompanying slides into your deck. 

  • Choose the product details and imagery that are right for the customer. 

  • Lets buyers create their own targeted product selection using aViewPro. 

  • Filter out content and imagery that is irrelevant. 



  • Exhibits products in full screen or according to the size you want

  • View product information and marketing content side by side

  • Add styles to an assortment while presenting

Brands Choose Hark, Because We…

  • Understand your product data however and wherever it is held

  • Have an amazing eye for detail to condition your data

  • Support you right from the initial set up season after season

Let’s Talk…

We can answer any questions you may have, provide more info or give you an online demonstration.

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