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Engaging Your Buyers

Utilise your 3D files, brand stories, colour palettes and marketing stories, and deliver a richer product experience to all stakeholders, internally and externally, by including them alongside your products in aWorkbook.

Buyers struggle to see the bigger picture or understand a brand's values when the correlation between brand stories and products themselves are not properly understood. Not only is valuable investment in marketing effort wasted, but the lack of a compelling brand story to support the product can have a direct negative impact on sales performance.

We provide the ultimate collaborative solution for product and marketing teams to really embed those key messages in the minds of both the sales team and buyers. Demonstrating product expertise alongside the brand's strategic vision deepens buyer engagement. Watch our video below which highlights how simple engaging your buyers with Hark can be!

If you would like to learn more about how you can engage your buyers through 3D renderings and supporting brand stories in aWorkbook, book a discovery call below.

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