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Linking systems together can bring efficiencies, saving time in repeated work, reducing errors and multiplying return on investment. Our team of expert developers are on hand to help make this happen. Here are some examples demonstrating just some of the possibilities:

Automating The Import Of Your Product Data Into aHub

As part of our Fast To Market package, we offer simple integration of product data from an existing source. To deliver this, we provide a content editing template for holding tabular product data. Then we construct an integration script that accepts data or obtains data from a URL or FTP in a CSV, XML or JSON format to populate the template. As part of the import, the script will take your tabular product data transform and map it to the content editing template for updating product data in aHub. Where product ranges are large and varied multiple integrations may be required.


Automating The Import Of Your Product Imagery And Assets Into aHub

As part of our Fast To Market package, we offer simple integration of product imagery and assets from an existing source. Your product images, videos or PDFs are uploaded to a secure FTP location provided by Hark. Uploading images to an FTP will trigger your assets to be imported to aHub against one of our content editing templates. Our rules-based asset uploader flexes to match your naming conventions, meaning you will not have rename your assets. Automatic de-duplication, asset re-use and automatic optimisation means you can be assured that the right materials are matched against each product.

Publishing Product Content From aHub To Another System

As part of our Fast To Market package, we will publish a single set of product data in either CSV, XML or JSON, which  can also include time limited URLs to locations where accompanying and imagery and assets can be downloaded. This product content can be posted to a URL allowing you to publish your data to a 3rd party system such as Shopify.


Displaying Stock Levels In aWorkbook

Giving your sales team and customers accurate and up to date stock information can take the guesswork out of placing orders.  We have two options available for allowing stock figures to appear in aWorkbook:

  • If a guideline figure is all your team need then you can simply send us a spreadsheet each week containing the details and we will upload this into the catalogue for you

  • When more accurate “minute by minute” stock information is required, we can work with you to set up a link between your system and a specified endpoint on our side which will either push or pull the stock figures on a schedule that can be specified by you

Including Customer Information In aWorkbook

Save your sales team time and effort and make sure they always have up to date customer contact information by adding Customer Lists to your aWorkbook catalogue.  Using a simple drop down in the Order section, a sales rep can populate the order information fields with customer name, address, account number and other useful information.

We can link directly to your systems to pick this information up regularly, thereby ensuring that it is current and correct, or you can send us a spreadsheet with the customer contact information in and we will upload it into the catalogue.


Sending Orders From aWorkbook

For the full “end to end” ordering experience we have a few different options to help streamline and consolidate your sales process.  Once your sales team have agreed a product selection with their customer, the order can be sent from aWorkbook in a couple of different ways:

  • As a quick and cost-effective solution we can populate an Excel worksheet using a template supplied by you, and this can be sent to the sales rep via email or can be delivered to a URL or FTP location of your choice

  • We can set up a direct link from aWorkbook to your order system so that the information is passed across automatically as a .csv, XML or JSON

Get To Market Fast

You remain focussed on the big picture, safe in the knowledge that our Fast to Market package provides the software, the know-how and manpower to ensure your success, over a typical period of 6-8 weeks.

Learn More

Get to market quickly in just 6 simple steps with our Fast To Market package.

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