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Launching a new product concept for fitness equipment

Having met with Johnson Health Tech we knew they liked aWorkbook. We knew they understood how our tool could enhance the selling of their ranges of fitness and gym equipment. But how could aWorkbook support their new concept for selling Consoles and Frames? We met them at ISPO in January 2020 to discover more.

The challenge: to show the flexibility of their range by configuring the frames and consoles to create exactly the right set up for the customer, while presenting products in a meaningful and innovative way in an increasingly virtual sales environment. Something that would have been impossible with traditional print catalogues. And it didn’t stop there: they also had another challenge for us – to deliver the aWorkbook in 10 days so that it could be the vehicle to introduce this new concept to their sale team, and train them on this new approach.

Johnson Health Tech was confident that aWorkbook could offer a clear way to display product information. They knew that the powerful assortment feature meant the sales team could build a tailored range for each customer, but how would they demonstrate the unique concept of interchangeable frames and consoles?

aWorkbook’s ability to display associated products enabled us to fulfil the ‘mix and match’ brief. Traditionally this feature is used to highlight products that work well together such as ‘the pants that match the top’. Simple enough, but how do you do this on a larger scale? Our Data Services Team got to work on manipulating and refining product data, so a link could be made between each frame and its appropriate console options. Using aHub allowed us to simplify the management of data so we could easily transform a previously one-dimensional PDF into a fully formed aWorkbook. The result was an intuitive way for the sales team to confidently present the new concept, configuring the equipment to suit each customer, while seamlessly selling the benefits it offers.

Johnson Health Tech planned to launch aWorkbook at FIBO, the leading international trade show for fitness, health and well-being in April 2020. While the trade show was cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic, having aWorkbook up and running meant that Johnson Health Tech were perfectly equipped to meet the challenge of presenting digitally when face to face meetings became impossible.

We always love positive feedback from a happy customer, but what we love more is providing a solution that does exactly what a brand needs it to do. During the last 6 months we have all felt the challenges that this new environment imposes. Brands are no longer just having to contend with a new season’s sell in but are learning how to present products in a meaningful and innovative way when face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past.

"We are really happy with aWorkbook. It makes it a lot easier to have all the information about our products on one page. It is so easy to find the information of interest. The building process was also quite easy because the communication with the employees of aWorkbook worked out well and they created the aWorkbook fast and effectively. From our sales team, we received very positive feedback about the understanding and working with aWorkbook. It makes their work a lot easier and clearer. Thank you very much!"

- Philipp Schneider, Johnson Health Tech Product and Concept Trainer -

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