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Making The Most Of aWorkbook

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many industries have needed to be agile in changing their selling processes. Since the beginning of lockdown in March last year we have been working with our customers to help them get the most from their aWorkbook catalogues.  aWorkbook provides key storytelling tools which have allowed sales teams to adjust to this new way of selling, enabling them to share the brand story with the buyer as they progress on their purchasing journey.  In our experience, the following points can make all the difference to the success of the sales effort:


Consider using presentations.

Readymade and ready to go, the Presentations tab in aWorkbook allows you to provide a different way to showcase products by giving a guided route through a combination of products, technical information, promotional videos, and colour stories. These can display in full screen and are perfect for sharing during a Zoom presentation or Teams meeting. Book a discovery call and we can discuss presentations in more detail.

Make aWorkbook outputs work harder for you.

Most brands we speak to love the way the PDF Product Information output displays an assortment, but did you know that there is also an Excel output that allows you to view your selection? Whether being used as a visual pre-order, to verify a selection, or support a tender the Excel gives you a practical, editable, and visual output to support you and your customers.  You can learn more about the Assortments section by talking with our team.

Make the most of your products with full page product images and videos.

As well as a wealth of product information, you tell the story of your brand visually. And part of that story telling is done through the product shots, marketing shots and videos on the product page. You can view these in full screen by selecting the media slot you want to see and then clicking on the image. This will offer your buyers a richer product experience and will show your products off in all their glory.  For more handy hints and tips talk with our team today. 

Streamline your order process.

While all our aWorkbook customers have the option to output orders in PDF or Excel format, why not keep things simple for your sales team by giving them the option to place their orders directly from aWorkbook.

You can have a full integration with your existing IT systems for automated order capturing or for a quick and simple solution, you can opt for a customised aWorkbook order output. These customised Excels are bespoke to you and can be produced in a variety of formats which could, for example, allow you to drag and drop into your B2B, or copy and paste into your ERP.  The beauty of this solution is that we can adapt to your existing sales order processing tool. This is fast to deploy, and the work is done by our dedicated development team, meaning your over-stretched IT team don’t need to get involved. Talk to us today about how this can be rolled out.

Want to know more?

I would love to discuss with you some of the challenges that your brand may be currently facing and how we have the solutions to support you on your way to business success. Book a discovery call below and let’s talk aWorkbook!

Please pick your preferred day and how long you would like our conversation to be. Next, change your timezone if you are not based in the UK, and then select the time that works best for you. Then fill in your details and you are all booked in.

If you have any issues or questions, please email me on

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