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Connect and Communicate with Your B2B Buyers Faster and Effectively

Retailers are under continuous pressure as their buyers are interested in seeing the larger picture and understanding the connection between your brand value and products. They want to gain as much intel about your products as possible, before making an investment in your products to be sure of their decision. This puts complete control over your sales into your own hands. All you need is a stronger connection and communication with your buyers. So, while you need a strong brand story, you also need a powerful product portfolio that is explained properly.

How Hark will Help

Hark enables sales and marketing teams to present the key brand story, alongside the products, sharing a complete picture of the values that your business stands for. Having accurate and sufficient information about your brand instils confidence in buyers, hastening their purchasing decision. Differentiate your brand from your competitors by demonstrating product expertise with a clear brand strategic vision that deepens buyer engagement with your business.

Benefits of Selling Products Virtually

Highly visual range planning and review: A window to your product information that allows you to create a specially selected range of products quickly, for both, internal and external stakeholders. Your managers can create a tailored view of your product’s information and customer presentations, that the end-user can use to browse the selection and compare products ahead of a meeting.

Demonstrate product expertise: The Hark planning platform for your collaborative range of products allows you to combine information on product development with the ability to automatically translate languages, empowering your salespeople to demonstrate product expertise to stakeholders effectively.

3D renderings of products: A quicker turnaround time from white images through 3D renderings, facilitated with the correct range planning tool, relieves salespeople of pressure and frustration. It is a much faster and more efficient model that lets you showcase endless product variations, creating impactful visuals, without having to create prototypes of every product. This enables your marketing and sales team to draw comparisons of products for the customers and help them make decisions. This reduces the time-to-market of products drastically.

Translate language automatically: With language barriers removed, brands and their supply chain partners can communicate more effectively. Collaborative range planning quickly enables you to develop product information with the ability to automatically translate languages, and communicate effectively with the stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

The online range collaboration feature in Hark allows you to provide feedback and share comments in real-time, as well as build selections, acting as a collaborative online review tool.

Hark’s online range collaboration feature allows you to give feedback and share comments in real-time and build selections, acting as a collaborative, online review tool. It enables you to share reviews, track reactions, and create a product line that resonates with the customer.

Real-time online discussions: Engage in real-time interactions with your stakeholders or internal teams to discuss product selection and provide feedback or reviews. It keeps the communication smooth and the actions quick on the products.


Hark has been part of B2B businesses for more than 15 years, helping them deliver digital product experiences. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a global brand, the most important asset you have is your amazing team and their knowledge and experience. Hark takes care of your second most important asset within your business, which is your product data.

From start-ups to established brands, we can support you on your journey to product content awesomeness and ensure that your teams have the software they need to secure those all-important sales.

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