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Why Fast To Market is Essential

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

There are enough challenges for businesses to face right now, without having to upskill their teams to better manage the Go To Market process digitally. While the benefits of accurate, easily accessible product content are well-understood, and software solutions readily available to hold that content, the time pressures involved in bringing products to market are ever-present.

We have watched as brands have tried to introduce new tools but have been overwhelmed by the steepness of the learning curve at a time when everyone’s focus should be on their new ranges. We have seen, time after time, poorly conditioned data from multiple sources, failing to provide the quality of information demanded by buyers. We have listened to those who know what outcomes they want from their digital go to market process, but simply lack the bandwidth to make it happen.

Your designers, product managers, marketers and sales teams are specialists in their field, each making a unique contribution to the Go To Market process.  But they are not data experts. They lack the skills to structure product information in such a way that it meets the immediate need but is future-proofed for other business purposes. They won’t spot that a colleague has referred to the same product by a different code, or that the colour Black has been abbreviated in four different ways, which means the image files don’t match up. And that the size range is inconsistent across variants of the same product. Data is just not their thing.

Here at Hark, we love accurate, well-conditioned product information, held in such a way that no matter what the business need, the data can deliver. Our software has been built to flex to the inevitable anomalies of content being gathered from multiple sources, and our expert team have a finely-tuned eye when it comes to spotting inconsistencies.

We believe that the best outcomes arise from working in partnership with our customers, where we each focus on what makes us great. Our Fast To Market package uniquely combines our software and services to bring all your product information together (accurate, enriched, and shared online), ready to support your Go To Market process both internally and throughout your sales channels.

The Fast To Market package simplifies the process of delivering market-ready product content within 6 -8 weeks. Any impact on your teams is minimised, so they get to focus on what they do best. The outcome?  Trusted product information, managed by us, shared by you – because great software alone is not enough.

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