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How to Achieve Collaboration on Product Content Creation

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Creating a complete product content set includes a marketing team, sales team, pricing team, merchandisers, and perhaps more teams collaborating on content for various channels. Traditional collaboration methods do not provide your teams with the ability to quickly share their work and maximise their efforts. Besides, with colleagues working in different locations, the need for an online platform to manage product information collaboratively becomes crucial. Increasing demand for product information, images, video, and 3D in ready-to-use formats escalates the challenge for businesses.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, content needs to be created fast and distributed fast across a vast audience. Traditional methods of file sharing can be restrictive, resulting in wasted effort and lost hours coupled with slow fulfillment and poor product experiences directly impact your bottom line, leading to decreased profit margins.

So, while the pricing team is working on the cost model, the marketing team is working on features, merchandisers are planning assortments, and so on, Hark is what they need to share their efforts.

How Hark will Help

Hark as a collaboration platform will quickly enable your teams to work together effectively in real-time and contribute to the creation of product content.

Achieve fast and accurate product management with its features such as smart automation, which helps you complete the missing information and brings you views that allow focused input on different aspects of the same product simultaneously. It brings together content from other systems, allows flexible batch processing of images and file uploads, and automatically optimises 3D images, and video to save time and empower teams without the need for specialist knowledge.

​It has a user-friendly interface that helps you deal with complex product information and assets.

Your team members are guided by their knowledge, removing duplication of effort, providing instantly accessible product information for all, and facilitating the smooth curation of content between teams to reduce both time and cost.

Benefits of Collaborating on Product Content Creation

Accurate product management: Every business needs robust product management to maximise profits on it, which includes having a clear vision, strategy, coordination, and strategies to overcome obstacles. Empowering your employees with collaboration on content creation leads to accuracy, drastically reducing a product’s time-to-market, efficiency, improved response time in emergency situations, and minimal errors. It is a way to better manage the quality of leads.

Save time: The strong collaboration capabilities of your team allow them to save a lot of time spent on repetitive tasks that have already been done by another team and could have been used. With all the product information saved on a common system, everybody can check what content is already there, before creating a new one.

Offline capabilities: Your teams are also empowered to use the system offline to access the content and use it immediately. They no longer need to depend on folders in the system or versions created locally. Offline capabilities keep them in the loop all the time.

Collaborate effectively: Collaboration is most effective when done in real-time over a shared file or document. Sales Magic enables you with this capability, so that team members from different teams can collaborate and close a task at the same time.


Hark has been part of B2B businesses for more than 15 years, helping them deliver digital product experiences. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a global brand, the most important asset you have is your amazing team and their knowledge and experience. Hark takes care of your second most important asset within your business, which is your product data.

From start-ups to established brands, we can support you on your journey to product content awesomeness and ensure that your teams have the software they need to secure those all-important sales.

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