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How to Adapt to Selling Virtually in the B2B Market

Businesses selling products in the B2B market often struggle to connect with their customers due to limited face-to-face meetings. The sales team is ill-equipped to handle opportunities virtually; they are unable to produce product information and product assortment virtually, in real-time. Resultantly, a poor presentation of the products discourages the buyer from making purchases, cutting down their orders, swaying them to other sellers, and not returning for more purchases.

Businesses need better ways to digitise the connection between their sales team and the buyers while keeping the human touch vital. Adapt to virtual selling, make a sales strategy that resonates with the customers and maintain the quality of your relationship with the buyers and encourage loyalty.

How Hark will Help

Hark enables a virtual presentation of the products, delivered over Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Salespeople are able to talk to the buyers through an assortment of carefully selected products that are aligned with their preferences. This method is just as effective as meeting in person. It is a powerful sell-in tool designed to support salespeople’s virtual sales presentations and help them tell the story of the brand, demonstrating what differentiates them from others.

Segment your products, prepare the groundwork, and prepare flexible and presentable presentations. It’s a way to build a strong sales conversation that leads to better sales conversions.

Benefits of Selling Products Virtually

Virtual sales presentations: Your sales representatives are empowered to sell products online through virtual presentations delivered through virtual channels. They are positioned to talk to the buyer and also carefully create an assortment of selected products that are aligned to the buyer’s preferences. These virtual presentations are just as effective as meeting a buyer in person.

Link brand values & marketing stories: With Hark, sales teams can build stronger sales virtual communications that lead to better sales. They can create presentations that are professional and showcase apt product knowledge and make product selections that are backed by brand and marketing stories that resonate with the buyers, boosting sales. They tell the story of their brand and demonstrate what differentiates them from others through segmentation based on the buyers and audience.

Up-to-date, accurate, and Instantly accessible information: A centralised system to store product information that allows access to teams across the organisation, and enables real-time and instant collaboration. It brings updated, accurate information to the salespeople as they present products online to the stakeholders; allowing them to re-segment the products to make them resonate with the buyers.

Gain Buyer confidence: Virtual competency positions a business to deliver products segmented as per a buyer’s preference. Salespeople are quickly able to resolve buyers’ demands, building confidence among them in your brand.


Hark has been part of B2B businesses for more than 15 years, helping them deliver digital product experiences. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a global brand, the most important asset you have is your amazing team and their knowledge and experience. Hark takes care of your second most important asset within your business, which is your product data.

From start-ups to established brands, we can support you on your journey to product content awesomeness and ensure that your teams have the software they need to secure those all-important sales.

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