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Improve Your Team’s Productivity in 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As working from home and/or hybrid models become commonplace in 2022, companies are now looking for strategies, techniques, and tools to ensure their teams can be much more productive and efficient.

We work with brands to support their go to market processes, including helping their teams to be more productive so we know a thing or two on this subject. Below we have compiled our top suggestions on what will help your team to be more productive in 2022.


“Communicating with the rest of the team” – Gemma Sanderson

Having regular catch-ups and conversations as a team ensures that you are all up to date and really does boost team moral. For maximum efficiency include your team in the decision-making processes. They will feel valued when their opinion matters and can often come up with great ideas when discussing collaboratively.

Set Clear Goals

“Having a physical list of tasks to tick off” – Evie Baker

Who doesn’t like ticking off a list?! Setting clear goals is a great way to begin and is the foundation for success. Whether you encourage your team to set out their own list of tasks or work collaboratively, ensure your goals are achievable, clear, and precise. Checking off a list can be very satisfying, will boost employee motivation and in turn improves productivity.

Optimise Your Work Environment

“Closing the doors when working from home” – Tom Allen

A lot of company structures have changed over the last 2 years resulting in more and more employees working from home. Allowing employees the flexibility and trust to alter their conditions will benefit them greatly. By having a specific place to work and removing any potential distractions, efficiency is increased and a teams productivity is improved.

Take Regular Breaks

“Drink many glasses of water and cups of tea” – Tom Allen

How many breaks should you have and what should you do on those breaks to improve productivity? Ultimately you should take a lunch break as a minimum, however additional smaller breaks just to re-fuel can be equally as effective throughout the day.

Stepping away for a few minutes to make your favourite drink and grab a biscuit can be enough to re-set. Workers will feel refreshed and ready to continue with a clear head*.

Planning And Organisation

“Keeping all tools and files organised” – Gemma Sanderson

There are many tools out there which can help your team stay connected, and plan effectively, like Trello. Having a clear collaborative platform to work on will improve team productivity, but its crucial not to overcomplicate processes and the number of tools they have to use. Nobody wants to waste time clicking between tools and having multiple processes to achieve something that could be done in one system.

And there you have it, a few top tips on how you can help your team to be more productive in 2022.

Need Help And Support To Improve Your Team’s Productivity?

Here at Hark, we have a unique combination of easy-to-use tools and services that will support you at every stage of your go to market cycle. Our software can be tailored to meet your needs and will solve the challenges your business faces. We can improve your team’s productivity by:

  • Supplying a robust and easy to use PIM that can improve your workflow, centralise your product information and give you the option to make it instantly shareable online to internal and external stakeholders

  • Giving your team access to bolt on tools to improve your range planning and sales presentations, that will boost sales and save money on printed catalogues and physical samples

  • Giving you access to an expert team to take you through the process to get you up and running in as little as 6 weeks

*If you fancy taking a break and discussing the challenges you are facing when it comes to improving your team’s productivity, book a call here and we’ll supply you with a coffee voucher.

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