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Platform for Product Information Management to Support Sales Strategies

Most businesses work on a ‘channel right’ approach to sell a product. But it is a struggle to communicate a carefully crafted plan for product merchandising to your sales teams, in the dearth of a common platform. Until your team has the right intel into ‘channel right’ sales, they will not be confident about this form of sales and will keep avoiding it, failing your goal to reach a target audience. Failing to target the buyer with the right products for their sales channel reduces sales potential, limits repeat business, and relies on efforts to find new customers, resulting in missed sales.

Empower your team to communicate effectively so that they can demonstrate the product’s real power and capabilities in the market. The challenge is to provide them with the right tool to enable the sales team to effectively communicate ‘channel right’ selections for each market to demonstrate your brand’s expertise.

How Hark will Help

Hark's products let you give a ‘channel right’ context to product information so that the sales team can strategize content for specific channels. It provides your sales team with the ability to collaborate clearly and strategically with your targeted audience. They get to communicate via a channel that resonates with them by addressing their needs with your sell-in pitches. This powerful platform supports your strategic sales initiatives, differentiating your brand, exceeding your buyer’s expectations, and helping you win more business.

Benefits of Supporting Sales Strategies

Tailor sell-in: Hark lets your team tailor their sell-in so that there is consistency in the brand voice and sales pitches, while they have to put less effort into each deal. They exceed buyers' expectations while winning more business. It also keeps your sales teams together and synced in their approach. They work together, emerging as a stronger and more impactful team.

Collaborative planning sessions: It is also helpful for internal meetings for them, where sales teams need to review the design, create a product line, do range planning, and more. Its sophisticated features let you review products (both images and information), give feedback, share comments, and build selections, both internally and externally. To speed up decision-making and agree on actions, you can work collaboratively to develop a range and build a narrative around the evolving products.

Build orders during sales presentations: Sales people are empowered to give presentations and have collaborative sessions with the stakeholders. A collaborative session with buyers helps salespeople quickly share reviews, discuss feedback, build assortments with selections, and adapt as you go to build an offer that resonates with the clients.

Key storytelling tools: With Hark, sales teams can build stronger sales conversations that lead to better sales. They do the groundwork in advance, ensuring presentations are professional and sharing appropriate product knowledge at the right time. Your sales team can make channel-appropriate product selections that are backed by brand and marketing stories that resonate with the buyers, boosting sales. They are empowered to tell the story of their brand and demonstrate what differentiates them from others through segmentation based on the buyers and audience.

Assortment planning features: Tailor your product offer to deliver assortments and ensure that it appeals to individual buyers. With the real-time collaborative sessions, you can take stakeholder’s reviews and do assortment planning, which largely boosts sales, as it enables quick decision-making among the buyers.


Hark has been part of B2B businesses for more than 15 years, helping them deliver digital product experiences. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a global brand, the most important asset you have is your amazing team and their knowledge and experience. Hark takes care of your second most important asset within your business, which is your product data.

From start-ups to established brands, we can support you on your journey to product content awesomeness and ensure that your teams have the software they need to secure those all-important sales.

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