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Unlocking Your 3D Power

Extend the life of your 3D files, capitalise on your investment in 3D product design and deliver a richer product experience to all stakeholders, internally and externally.

Historically, 3D design files have been a mythical asset that have remained within the design studio when creating protype products. However, more and more brands are looking to 3D design to improve their businesses performance through simplifying design approvals, reducing sample costs, improving range planning or communicate products to their buyers in a more effective and engaging way.

We provide the ultimate go-to-market solution for brands who have existing 3d design files and 3d animated videos. Watch our video below which highlights how simple unlocking your 3D power with Hark can be!

If you would like to learn more about how your 3D files can work alongside your product information,

images, videos, and marketing collateral to deliver a powerful experience, book a discovery call below.

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