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Asset Management, Jigsaw Puzzles and Convenience

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Who loves working on a jigsaw puzzle?!

As a member of the Data Services team, this is exactly what I think of when it comes to uploading, organising, and maintaining product assets in aHub, our product content experience platform. Now, you’re probably thinking: how is that so? Well, what I mean is that both jigsaw puzzles and digital asset management have similar challenges…

Every jigsaw puzzle is different, just like all of our customers are different when it comes to collating and preparing data and digital materials, but there is still one main objective – trying to see the bigger picture whilst working within a framework. Piece by piece we bring all of it together, making sure that every asset fits into place.

Whether it’s a lifestyle image, 3D model, CAD image or even a video file, we strongly feel that having one go-to place where you can upload and review your assets for a particular product, product range or collection is highly beneficial. When it comes to asset management, nothing is more important or more helpful than having everything centralised and linked to the relevant products. This not only makes it easier to store and maintain your assets, but it also provides ease of access for the wider business.

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, we feel that giving you the choice and flexibility to send over your assets however you choose makes a great difference. Using your established naming convention, the aHub Library is configured to store each asset against its related product. So, if you prefer to have your CADs and flat shots held separately and always keep seasonal images together, we will ensure that they are stored in this way ready for use in your chosen channels.

For us in the Data Services team, it’s always an exciting challenge to ensure that every piece of digital material we receive fits into the correct place, alongside the right product. And being able to give you and your team easy access to review your content in aHub is just as important to us, because we know that keeping things simple saves time.

Just like working on a jigsaw puzzle, nothing is more satisfying or important to us than making sure that all the pieces come together and fit into the right place. We take the great benefits of having a digital online tool, add in an understanding of your needs and what you require, and help you along the way to achieve that goal to make everything easier, convenient, and simpler for you, the customer – because great software alone is not enough.

About The Author

Tom Allen has been working as a Data Specialist at Hark for the past 7 years. He is a genius at assessing data and reporting on discrepancies and missing information, as well as being a perfectionist when it comes to asset management. Tom also works closely with our Development Team in relation to testing our software, making sure that everything is spot on before updates go live. And if that wasn’t enough, he also has a degree in Filmmaking and Creative Media.

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