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Trusted Product Information

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Delivering Digital Product Experiences

Hark has been part of the B2B software world for more than 15 years.


From range planning to buyer meetings, our suite of software takes your product content and makes it work harder for you. aHub and aViewPro combine to give your team a collaborative platform to refine and collaborate on your range, while aWorkbook allows your sales team to present a tailored selection of products to existing customers or new prospects.


Whether you’re a small enterprise or a global brand, the most important asset you have is your amazing team and their knowledge and experience. Now, we know you’ve got the employee aspect covered, so here at Hark we specialise in looking after the second most important asset within your business: your product data.

Keeping product content current and correct takes time, and this is a luxury that few of us have these days – online customer meetings, range planning calls and product design webinars have to be the priority, which means that updating product information and assets often has to take a back seat. Does this sound familiar?


We have a team of data experts on standby ready to cleanse and enrich your product information before using it to populate aHub, our product content management platform. All of your image assets, marketing collateral, tech specs and product data can be curated and stored together, ready to be used across your business.


From start-ups to established brands, we can support you on your journey to product content awesomeness and ensure that your teams have the software they need to secure those all-important sales.

Hark's Solutions

Complete Flexibility

Our unique combination of software and services supports you at every stage, delivering a flexible suite of tools, coupled with hands-on implementation and data conditioning.

Eliminate Paper

Adopt more sustainable approach and eliminate the traditional problems associated with paper processes.

Instant Accessibility

Trust your product content, make it available wherever it is needed, and be confident that you are making the most of your product visualisation.

Go Live in 8 Weeks

Our Fast to Market package delivers what you need to achieve business success, fast.



Adaptable, scalable and instantly available to hold all your product information.



Designed for selling, whether virtually or #IRL. Plan, present and take orders.



A window on your product information, giving tailored views for you to share.



For easy integration of your product content into MS PowerPoint.



Designed to add powerful selection and feedback features to customised product views, aViewPro is a collaborative online review tool that builds on our core aView tool.

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Our Team

Experienced, knowledgeable and with an amazing eye for detail we experts in managing your product information and can get you up & running in as little as 8 weeks

Fast To Market Challenges

Unifying your product data

Collaborate on product content creation

Giving your team hands-on support

Supporting Channel Right Strategies

Expand The Market Challenges

Adapting to selling virtually

Unlocking the power of your 3D

Connecting buyers to your brand story

Communicate effectively with your supply chain

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Solutions and Software

We know that brands are under a lot of pressure to fulfil tasks before a seasonal deadline or a product range launch. That’s why our Software and Data Services have been designed to support you at every stage of the go-to-market cycle, relieving the pressure and giving you the tools to review, comment, enrich, select and share your product data quickly.

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Fast To Market

With our Fast to Market package, our expert team collates your product data, and organises it in aHub, our scalable product experience platform, where everyone can collaborate and enhance your content. We create an aView on your products allowing all users inside your organisation and out gain access to your now accurate and enriched materials whilst our development team enables you to automate and deliver it to a digital market.

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Trusted by the Greatest

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